Idemia: Securing Payment Diversity

CIO Vendor It is something to stop, wonder and get amazed as to how the financial transaction structure has evolved over the past 5-6 years. We are now able to open a bank account, transfer funds, pay for food or a ride easily in a few taps. Payment systems are social infrastructures that support all economic activities, and there continues to be a need for systems with greater safety and efficiency. The trust of consumers is the basis for any form of transaction. However, how can we ensure this effortless tapping does not fall into the wrong hands? While threats of disintermediation and commoditization are lurking around, IDEMIA believes that trust remains the strongest and most precious asset that financial institutions have in hand.

As the pioneer of Augmented Identity, France based IDEMIA helps Financial institutions create identity and ensure trust of its customers in real and digital world while guaranteeing secure, authenticated and verifiable transactions, whenever and wherever security matters. Around the world, more than 1,800 financial institutions — including some of the largest, most prestigious banks turn to IDEMIA for on boarding, attracting and retaining customers. IDEMIA’s solutions draw on a vast array of highly advanced biometric authentication and ID verification technologies to enforce one straightforward thing that is “only you can be you”. Easy and accurate identification translates into a safe physical access as well as a secure digital identity.

The scene is all too familiar: you want to check your account balance on your banking app, or purchase something at your favorite boutique, only you forgot your PIN code or you’re struggling with your login.
IDEMIA has innovated and tirelessly developed solutions that enable financial institutions to rely on trusted identities.

By forming an interoperability of digital activities with identity, IDEMIA creates a secure path for end-to-end solution from registration of customers with eKYC, proof management and data confidentiality to securing payments at the point-of-sale or on online portal.

"IDEMIA’s solutions draw on a vast array of highly advanced biometric authentication and ID verification technologies"

IDEMIA’s solutions have gathered tremendous applauds for managing enrollment, provisioning and lifecycle of tens of millions of customers and transactions in dozens of countries around the world as from top banks in India. IDEMIA’s Digital Enablement Platform provides seamless enrollment, tokenization and provisioning of strong authentication for secure digital transactions. With digital ID and versatile strong authentication, IDEMIA combines leading biometric identification, flexible & secure elements and API based services for frictionless on-boarding of customers. White Box cryptography and Digital Signature form an integral part of IDEMIA’s licensing solutions that ensure security in digital identity documents such as electronic ID cards, passports and driving licenses on smartphones.

From wearable cards to completely digitized wallets, there are more and more ways to pay. IDEMIA not only invests in the payment future with digital wallets and mobile shopping solutions, but also continues to lead innovation in the payment card business – with contact and dual interface EMV payment cards. As the most difficult aspect of new technology adoption is changing user habits, IDEMIA keeps on enhancing the payment card that the vast majority of customers have already adopted, adding additional security measures such as dynamic CVV code or fingerprint sensor to replace PIN number. IDEMIA also offers a segment of customized cards with pictures or exclusive flashy metal cards for its customers who want a sense of uniqueness.